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Estonian Church History Society report

Report published: 
Dom, 2009-03-01

The Estonian Church History Society was founded in 1997 in Tartu with the aim of contributing towards church history research in Estonia. Its members were people who were interested in church history and had experience in this field of study. The society started its activities by the Faculty of Theology in 1997. The connections between the society and the faculty remain very strong even today. The founder and chairman of the Estonian Church History Society is the Dean of the Faculty of Theology, Professor Riho Altnurme. Every spring the society holds a meeting in Tartu where members of the society give presentations on their research. One of the main purposes of these meetings is to awaken interest towards church history among students. After participating in these meetings, students often decide to become members of the society. The society also holds traditional meetings for several days in the autumn in a small congregation outside Tartu. The society is planning to be more active on the Internet and to offer information concerning Estonian church history for a wider audience.