Croatian commission report 2012-13

Report published: 
Mon, 2014-05-26



The main activities of the Croatian national committee over 2012  were:

publishing the professional journal of the Institute of history, Faculty of Theology (University of Zagreb): 2 volumes a year of Croatica christiana periodica with the contributions of the national Commission members are issued regulary. Some of the members of the committee are also members of the editorial board (Franjo Šanjek, Slavko Slišković, Lovorka Čoralić. publishing

a) books (Povijest Hrvatske, Matica Hrvatska),

b) proceedings of previously organized congresses and conferences (Antiqua fides)

c)  papers in other professional journals (Pilar, Povijesni prilozi, Prilozi za povijest umjetnosti u Dalmaciji, Građa i prilozi za povijest Dalmacije, Vjesnik Arheološkog muzeja u Zagrebu,)  


organizing conferences, participation in conferences, homilies

a) Zagreb, 1-4 October 2012: 4th Congress of Croatian Historians was organized around the general theme „Liberty“. Members of the National committeee presided sessions on „Ecclesiastical history“, „Bishops: their powers and limitations“ and gave papers on ecclesiastical themes, and delivered keynote lectures.

b) Split 24-25 September 2012: International conference „1312 Statute of Split: history and law on  the 7th centenary“

c) Kotor, Montenegro, 15-16 October 2012: International conference: Adriatic roots: historical and cultural foundations of unity.

d) Pecs, Hungary, 8-11 November 2012: „Construction des identités (politique, laique et ecclésiastique) des clercs médievaux”


4. Members of the Croatian national committee are engaged in coordination of research projects financed by the Ministry of Science (“European ideas in politics and arts of bishop Josip Juraj Strossmayer”, “Medieval ecclesiastical and cultural history of Croatia”, “Catholicism, Islam, Orthodoxy in the identity processes of Bosnia and Hercegovina”, “Croatia and the Venetian Republic in the Early modern age”). J. Neralić was engaged in the works of the project “Društvena istorija i kulturno-istorijsko nasljeđe Crne gore od ranog srednjeg vijeka do početka XIX vijeka” (Social history and cultural legacy of Montenegro from the early middle ages to the beginning of the 19th century” financed by the Ministry of Research and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Montenegro, directed by dr Zvezdan Folic from the Institute of history in Podgorica, Montenegro, and became herself the coordinator of the bilateral Croatian-Montenegran project “Kulturno-povijesno nasljeđe istočne obale Jadrana” (Cultural and historical legacy of the Eastern Adriatic Coast”).


5. They also teach courses in ecclesiastical medieval, modern and contemporary history, paleography and diplomatics, history of art at the various faculties of the University of Zagreb and Split, as well as the Croatian Catholic University. They are also tutoring PhD theses of young researchers and University assistants.


Zagreb, 1 June 2013

Slavko Slisković, OP, President


Jadranka Neralić, Secretary