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Doc. dr. Arunas Streikus

Lithuanian Catholic Academy of Science

Vilnius, Pilies g. 8, LT-01123




Lithuanian commission report 2012-13

Report published: 
Mon, 2014-05-26

Report on the activities of the CIHEC Lithuanian commission since June 2012

Organization. Lithuanian commission of CIHEC was reestablished during the meeting of Church historians on 7 June 2012. It consists now of 24 members, representing 6 universities and academic institutions.  Arūnas Streikus was elected as the head of the commission for the academic year 2012/2013, Darius Baronas – as the secretary.

Meetings and conferences. During the first year of its functioning the commission has held two meetings. One of them was a discussion on the topic “Reforms of XVI-XVII century in the Church history: problematical questions”. In another one Dr. Wioletta Pawlikowska-Butterwick from Poznan university has a presentation „Drogi do władzy biskupów wileńskich w XVI wieku. Postulaty metodyczne“. The main efforts of the commission were directed at the organisation of CIHEC conference „Christians and the non-Christian other“ and the conference, which will be held in August 2013 and devoted to the 600th anniversary of Samogithias (historical region of Lithuania) Christianisation.


Publications. Since Lithuanian commission of CIHEC is hosting in an unofficial way the publication Studies in Church history, there is to mention, that at the beginning of 2013 the 5th volume of the journal was published under the title ,,Religious Communities in Lithuanian history: Life and Identity“ (ed. by Liudas Jovaiša). In ten articles of this volume various aspects of life, identity and activity of religious communities (clusters of clergy, religious orders, regional groups) are being analyzed by Lithuanian historians and researchers from abroad. Some publications for the 600th anniversary of Samogithias Christianisation are being prepared by the members of the commission as well.